Vid : Climber's Journal: ROCKLANDS


Climber's Journal: ROCKLANDS

What is it like when six dudes go on a one month climbing trip in South Africa?
In this short travel film in the form of a diary, the viewer joins the crew of ambitious climbers on their African climbing trip. 28 days in Africa: 20 climbed, 1 rainy, 7 a little bit of everything. In 34 minutes, the viewer struggles to climb the many impressive boulders, is amazed by the culture and people, different and interesting, is awestruck by the beauty of nature and has fun with the protagonists. In the end, he is left with a funny feeling that he now knows Africa a little bit better and that he understands somehow what it is like to be a climber.

GRTA Studios production

If the watermark bugs you, go to and download the video (available in 720p and 1080p)! :)


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