Vid : adidas ROCKSTARS TV Highlight ENG


Adidas ROCKSTARS TV Highlight ENG

In a breathtaking superfinal Anna Stöhr (AUT) was the first to claim the title as the adidas ROCKSTAR 2011. She flashed the superbuilder in hardly more than ten seconds not giving Alex Puccio (USA) a chance to build up any pressure.

After this quick victory the heat was on for the men's superfinal. Obviously, they realised from the women's contest that the routes set up by the course setters where somewhat conquerable and a quick start could secure the title.

As with the girls, Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) and Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) set off on identical routes but unable to see each other on the unique superboulder. The first to top the boulder would be champion. Kilian made it past the main difficulty on his first attempt while Dmitry lost his grip an fell. Kilian was just an inch from top and the second flash victory on the superboulder imminent. But a long day of reckless climbing suddenly took its toll and Kilian slipped while trying to work his way up the overhang. It was return to Go for both athletes and Dmitry was back in the game while live band 'Orange But Green' were smashing their hit 'Rockstar' and cheered on two of the best boulderers in world into the next attempt.

Both took their time to make sure they'd get it right next time and were content to build up their concentration as long as other was doing likewise. Finally, both set off again at the same time and Dmitry managed to find some flow that was missing before and worked his way up just ahead of Kilian. Dmitry topped the boulder a couple of seconds faster than his Austrian competitor and secured the title as adidas ROCKSTAR 2011.


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