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Psicobloc 2013

la compétition Psicobloc Masters Series 2013 Deep-water Soloing Competition at Utah Olympic Park

uilding off of the success of the first elite Psicobloc competition held in in Bilbao, Spain, in 2011, the Psicobloc Masters Series is the next evolution in competitive climbing. The inaugural Psicobloc Masters [was] held August 2, 2013, at the Utah Olympic Park's 750,000-gallon freestyle aerial training pool. Some of the best climbers in the world [competed] head-to-head on a custom wall approaching 5.14 in difficulty, featuring a 26-foot roof 50 feet above the water. The comp [featured] a men's and women's division and winners [shared] a $20,000 purse, the largest of any climbing competition this year.


Psicobloc (aka Deep Water Soloing) is a form of solo climbing over a (deep) body of water. Psicobloc is undoubtedly one of the most unique and purest forms of climbing. Elite climbers like Chris Sharma make regular pilgrimages to exotic locales like Mallorca to push the envelope of technical climbing and experience the special challenge afforded by Psicobloc."

Shooters: Aaron Springston, Bennett Duchin and Ryan Samanka. Editor: Aaron Springston


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